I'm Tom

Full time student with proven ability in full-stack web development, systems engineering and more.

About me

A little about me and what I can do

Hey! I'm Tom and I'm an undergraduate student of Computer Science at the University of Southampton in the UK. Currently, alongside my studies, I work for a game server and VPS hosting company as a systems administrator and am actively learning React, Java and Python.

Aside from this, I love reading, spending time outdoors and exploring my new city.


Development and design

With experience in Static/Dynamic Websites, Javascript, React and a plethora of backend languages/frameworks, I'm more than ready for projects on the web.


Administration and installation

As part of my job, I specialize in enterprise-grade Linux distributions, Docker deployments and database management.


CI/CD and deployment

Key to every modern project, the Devops cycle has never been more important. I have experience with Github, Gitlab and major CI/CD platforms such as CircleCI and Netlify


A few of the things I'm passionate about

While Web Development is my field of expertise, I also have a strong interest in many other areas of computing. Most notably I am fascinated by large, complicated systems such as Microsoft Active Directory and different network solutions. In addition to this, as part of my degree, I will be studying modules that relate to all areas of the industry - for example: data management, intelligent systems, computational biology and many more.

In terms of my professional experience, I enjoy working with many different technology "stacks" and understand that there is an ideal tool for every application



Some of my projects


Custom wordpress theme, including custom plugins for managing content.
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Personal Server

As a side project I manage my own custom link shortener, GitLab instance and more
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SADRP Tickets

Custom Discord ticketing system, built with Discord.JS, Express and MySQL
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